Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pre-Election BURNOUT -

This is a WHINE list you do not have to uncork.

Simply take your WHINING (on any topic) and add it to the

for Jan 4th 2012

I am fed up with all this drawn out political 
posturing, promoting and swaggering
called an election process!

No other country spends so much time and money to elect
their representatives.
Did the Founding Fathers really
envision this mammoth and protracted spending orgy? 

The original idea was to give a few years service to governing your country, and then return to the life of a normal working citizen.  Seems that ideal went overboard a long tome ago, along with powdered wigs and the horse drawn carriage.  Now men (and women too) make a career out of representing their district, and enjoying the perks that come with  long term office.

 This over the top, well over a year long, "Political Passion Play" is a disgrace. As the frenzy mounts, citizens must put up with a virtual take over of their news media. Constant phone calls from those wanting their vote.   Spam about it on their computers, trash mail in their mailbox, and acolytes begging for campaign money at every turn.


* Limit the term representatives can serve!
* Limit the money they can spend on reelection!
* CUT the time for pre-election politicking down to

  And just who profits from the obscene amounts
of  money spent
by these
political egos?
* TV stations
* Advertising agencies
* The BIG EGO owners.
* Newspapers
* Special Interests that back the BIG EGOS.

The saved money could easily help
finance the following:

* Embattled school districts
* Bring healthcare help to needy children
* Finance more job training  
* Help returning vets find jobs
* Encourage  MORE small businesses to expand
* Help people in genuine hardship due to bank foreclosure . . .
and on-and-on.


So there you have it!

Are YOU going to rise up and do something about it?

Add your opinions to the Comments below.

WHINE about what gets YOUR goat!


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1 - You CAN DRINK wine while spilling your beans in "comments."
2 - 4 letter words that have to do with sex or bodily functions will be CORKED!
  3- You can tell readers what pisses you off royally - just do it in a "literary" manner.
4 - Be a GRINCH if you must, but humor always earns a gold star!
5 - THINK before you write - or at least before you hit SEND. 

 6 - BE  SMART
Do not WHINE about stuff that could get you
jailed, sued, divorced, or otherwise spanked!

This is my road - so MY rules apply.
(Whine about it if you like. . .)



  1. In the middle ages the rich people controlled the government. Hmmm. sounds familiar. But, as long as they do, things won't change because the people in control like it that way.

  2. I'm so disappointed in our leadership and in our choices. I think our federal government has gotten too big and too powerful and our states are trying to posture themselves to follow. Our country was successful because its people worked hard, struggled, invented and improved. Not because our government handed the citizens stamps for bread and excused them from their financial responsibilities. But, seriously, why work hard when lamenting your struggles will get you the same result?

  3. Janet,and Kai, thanks for your input (WHINING).

    YES, our leadership has failed us badly. But the convoluted rules of Congress and the Senate still allow a minority to stop or delay what the elected majority try to do. Stalemate and bitter rivalry do not make for good government. Compromise has become a dirty word.

    Money talks, and when you have oodles of it your voice is always heard. However, there is enough blame to go around, mates:

    *Banks did nasty financial finagling that would put you and I in jail for years - and got away with it!!

    * People bought homes they could not afford - and now are losing them!!

    * "We the People" spent more than we earned, and used credit cards to live a life style we could not afford.

    * America became the world;'s policeman (two wars at once)and borrowed huge amounts to support the military.

    All of the above caused a terrible and unexpected ripple effect:like a whirlpool. It pulled in the innocent hardworking people who played by the rules, along with the greedy and stupid who forgot that honesty and hard work is the true road to success. We had better wake up soon, or America will not be a land of opportunity any more.

    And making elections into such CRASS and money gobbling events is just ONE of MANY signposts pointing to what is wrong with the USA today.

    WHEW!! What do YOU think? Is this a WHINE or a full blown revolt?

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  4. I must admit to being bemused by the US political rallies. The money spent is a disgrace in this time of crisis. Also no one seems satisfied with the end result!

    Will a woman run the country next time? Mr Obama has completed a first for the Presidency, I wonder if there will be another.

  5. Glynis, I guess it is just a mater of time before a woman becomes US President. However the President is often stymied by opposition form his own party as well as from the opposition. With so much animus pervading the congress and senate these days, it will take someone with the wisdom of Plato and Socrates combined to knock some sense into our senators and congressmen.

  6. Hi Margot, I would be interested in reviewing your books on my blog, especially the ones about Aussie animals. My hubby is from AU so I have a special interest. Would you be willing to send me one?

  7. I enjoyed your comments (whines) about the election process, especially the solution to limited how much money can be spent on advertising. Everyone should have the same amount to spend - and we could see which candidate uses the funds most effectively! Then we wouldn't be able to buy elections!!!

  8. I am definitely with you on the money spent on elections, Sherrill. There are so many MORE ways that money now spent on elections could really do some good. Thank you.

    BOOKS - The Perfect Gift

  9. Cheryl, thank you so much. I replied to your Facebook message.

  10. I am enjoying this blog. Helps put things in perspective.
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award on my post today

  11. Suzanne, thank you SO much, mate. I am thrilled!!!