Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The rules of my
are as follows: 

 This is a WHINE list you do not have to uncork.

Simply take your WHINING (on any topic) and add it to the

1 - You CAN drink wine while spilling your beans in "comments."
2 - 4 letter words that have to do with sex or bodily functions will be CORKED!
  3- You can tell readers what pisses you off royally - just do it in a "literary" manner.
4 - Be a GRINCH if you must, but humor always earns a gold star!
5 - THINK before you write - or at least before you hit SEND. 

 6 - BE  SMART
Do not WHINE about stuff that could get you
sued, divorced, or otherwise spanked!

This is my road - so MY rules apply.
(Whine about it if you like. . .)


Who wants to live to be over 100?

I will begin this WHINE fest by stating that whoever invented old age had no clue about what he was letting us in for.  Oh, I will admit that a smidgeon of wisdom, common sense and patience does stick after a few decades of stumbling around in youthful abandon.  But did arthritis, iffy knees and bad hearing ever pop up in the test cases they ran?  They DID run test cases - right?

And who's to blame for  what  maturity stuck us with?   No one asked me to sign up for white hair, bum hip, shortness of breath, and a memory that definitely needs a new HD and some new apps.   At the moment, my best wisdom is: "YOUTH  IS WASTED ON THE YOUNG!"

I'm beginning to suspect that we will need a sense of humor more then we need money.  Because if we don't laugh at what's happening in banks, Congress, and the halls of power in Washington, we'll have to cry. 

And who will last longest - Social Security or the the Baby Boomers?  If I last another decade or so I can imagine the choices our government will offer me.  Either the Eskimo's farewell - out to Popsicle-ize my last days on an ice flow.  Or in warmer climes, Russian Roulette in my wheelchair on some major freeway.  The way Congress plans to mess with our so-called Golden Years, they will end up as plastic and tin  - rusty, and full of holes.

That's my WHINE of the day.  

Either comment below
or add your own brand of WHINE.



  1. Yup, I'm with you on this one. My chiropractor often tells me I will live to 100. At only halfway there, I admit I have days where I consider taking some shortcuts to all this longevity.

  2. Suzanne, it's like my dear Mum used to tell me. "If you feel great when you get up in the morning do not look in the mirror - it will ruin your day!"

    Give BOOKS this Holiday Season!

  3. Today's WHINE: Round Robin Christmas letters. Whatever happened to the personal variety?

  4. Eiry, I have never heard of Round Robin Christmas letters. What are they?

    Give BOOKS this Holiday Season!

  5. They are typed, impersonal letters sent out communally with diary-style details of the sender's news items covering the year present and about to start, Margot. Saves time, but I prefer my Christmas letters to be read and answered on a one-to-one basis.

  6. Aha, now I know what you mean - we just call then generic Christmas letters. I hate them too.

    Thanks Eiry. Have a wonderful Christmas, mate.

    Give BOOKS this Holiday Season!

  7. Here's a non-generic Christmas greeting Margot, to you and yours: Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda from Wales:)

  8. Thank you Eiry. Welch has so many long words. Just looking at them and trying to pronounce them is daunting. And they say English is difficult to learn!!

    Here's an Aussie Xmas wish.
    ""ave a beaut Xmas shindig you blokes. Hoist a few for me.


  9. Love it, Margot, mate!

    Welsh is an incredibly challenging language, but utterly beautiful. I try to capture it's Celtic essence in my English manuscripts. Dylan Thomas and Gerard Manley Hopkins' works have been hugely influential, always.

    Here's a new WHINE: I'm a notoriously poor sleeper and it's the early hours of the morning. All is dark in Wales, much as in Dylan's imagery in Under Milk Wood. Good night!

  10. For it's read its. That's what happens in the early hours!

  11. Just don't ask me to learn Welsh, mate.

    Sorry you don't sleep well. I sleep like a rock most nights. But occasionally I get up at 1am and sneak down to work on the computer - better than staring into the dark of my bedroom, not sleeping.