Thursday, December 29, 2011

Evening @#$% PHONE CALLS that Promote or Sell!

This is a WHINE list you do not have to uncork.

Simply take your WHINING (on any topic) and add it to the

1 - You CAN DRINK wine while spilling your beans in "comments."
2 - 4 letter words that have to do with sex or bodily functions will be CORKED!
  3- You can tell readers what pisses you off royally - just do it in a "literary" manner.
4 - Be a GRINCH if you must, but humor always earns a gold star!
5 - THINK before you write - or at least before you hit SEND. 

 6 - BE  SMART
Do not WHINE about stuff that could get you
jailed, sued, divorced, or otherwise spanked!

This is my road - so MY rules apply.
(Whine about it if you like. . .)


I HATE those sneaky
  evening phone calls!

You know the ones I mean. You are lifting a fork full of hot and delicious food into your mouth when the phone rings. Thoughts tumble through your nutrition starved brain . . .

Is ailing Grandpa dead?
Has your son been in a car accident
( the kid never uses two hands on the wheel!!) 
 Could it be that "hunky" personal trainer?
Hmmm. . .  Too late for it to be the bank re your Christmas overdraft.

So you get up and answer the phone.

It's your local Republican/Democrat rep schmoozing for your vote
Your Credit Card company ( not a real person you can swear at)
with another fabulous offer.
Some disembodied voice happily begging for money (who cares the cause)

You slam down the receiver (or click off the cell), and almost wish it was one of the above more personal alternatives.  You could deal with  Grandpa's demise, your son in hospital, etc.  But yell at a tinny artificial voice coming from your phone - not a chance.

Your plate is now a mess of congealed food that needs reheating, and  everyone else at the family table is now on to dessert.  @#$% , so you hurry it up and pay the price -  super dooper indigestion.

Whatever happened to that sweet little plan that allowed you to sign up for NO PHONE "PITCH" evenings ( days too!).  Let the wars roll on, the economy tank, or my son total our only car.  But for goodness sake give me back my "Pitch Free" evenings and hot dinners!

That's my WHINE for today.
 Please  comment,
or add your WHINE to the comments below.


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  1. Can I whine about New Years commercial that suggest a better plan to exercise, loose weight and stop smoking?

    There is nothing out there saying Good On YOU!

    I quit smoking in 1988 and still have my college weight. I could go to the gym, more, BUT--

    No one has a tv show for the Biggest Maintainer of Weight and Health. We don't get repeated atta-girls for not smoking any more. The doctor's shows and the shrink shows and the reality tv producers have not come to my door, phone or mailbox with an offer of any kind.

    Okay, a little blue pill ad is coming on and I don't have a, ummmmm. Wait! I could get one -- Is that a talk show coming on to interview me about my recent acquisition of male genitalia?

    Sorry, I'm done whining.


  2. You GO for it Sally.
    I love your WHINE! And that "recent" acquisition of yours needs a closer look. . . Hmmmmmm.

    Anyone have binoculars I could borrow?

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques
    BOOKS - a Gift for ALL Occasions!

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  4. Yes! I hate them! I hate them so much that I even mentioned them in my *Princess Primrose & the Curse of the Big Sleep* play/novel. The wicked witch and her sidekick Eargore are just sitting down to have some elf stew, when Snitch the Tattle-Tale Fairy bangs on their door. The witch says "Curses! That happens EVERY time we sit down to eat!" LOL

    bobbi c.
    Fun Fantasy Plays & Books

  5. Bobbi C.,it's great that you added that WHINE to your story - LOVE THAT,

    Thanks mate, for adding our comment here.

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques
    BOOKS - a Gift for ALL Occasions!

  6. I downright refuse to answer the phone at meal time. My kids are gone for 6 hours a day and my husband is gone for 12. I don't need to talk to anyone that badly. Caller ID has also helped a lot.

    Now, if I could just convince my kids that every time the phone rings they don't have to race to answer it so some man in India can thank me for my support of a cause I've never heard of, that would be progress.

    Happy New Year, mate. Hope 2012 is a great one.


  7. A combination of caller I D, placing our numbers on the Do Not Call list, and having phones all over the house, this isn't the problem it used t be.

    Max Elliot Anderson

  8. Hey there Max, thanks for the comment. What, NO WHINING from you? Ya gotta WHINE here.

    We don't have Caller ID, mate. And that Do Not Call List is now defunct. I signed up when it first came out. It worked for several years - then quit. Some rule from Congress about it nor being activated further. Grrrrr!!

  9. Cheryl, I am with you all the way. And it seems from your post, that your family and mine are the only two left in the US that do not have cell phones. Am I right?

    We are dinosaurs, mate!!

    BOOKS: a gift for all occasions!

  10. My husband and I give to charities a lot. We always check them out beforehand to make sure they're legit and use the money for charity and not administrative use. However, that has not stopped our address from getting sold to hundreds of other charities. The result: 5-20 requests a WEEK. We started a new system a few months ago. We picked our favorite charities. All the rest are getting a form rejection letter, sent back on their own stamp, with a request to remove us from their list. Anyone calling at any time of day gets told our policy and is politely hung up on.

    Now for the whine: Is America really not aware of breast cancer, heart disease, prostrate problems, etc? And will posting the color of my underwear on Facebook truly reach these rock dwellers?

  11. Karina I get your "beef" with these morons absolutely.

    However, you can safely tell ME the color of your underwear. There are definitely NO ROCKS on our property - only DRIPS.

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques
    BOOKS - a Gift for ALL Occasions!

  12. I have stopped answering the house phone altogether, unless it's during school hours because the girls are frequent flyers at Maureen the school nurse's office. She's my major 'whine'. Otherwise people know to call or text the cell. But they still manage to get the cell number! Or call to talk with Carmen Gonzalez, the previous cell number owner. I get more calls for Carmen!
    Have a great weekend, Jill

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  14. Jill, I GET your whine, mate. I hate that sort of thing myself. The moment my butt hits the dining room chair the phone usually rings. Grrrrrr!!

    How about we get some teckie guru to rig up some app that zaps these callers with an electrical shock? YES!!! I will donate money to have this done. What about the rest of you?

    What. . .? You think we'd get into trouble? Oh, stop being such wimps, and DO something!!

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